The REAL Life Community Center (RLCC) opened in December 2017 as a catalyst for overcoming addiction, sustaining sobriety, and providing a pathway to a thriving future through cultivating stronger families, gaining meaningful employment, and improving personal interaction skills, while building a foundation of faith. Due to an additional need we quickly began to see with women who are pregnant and battling addiction, or pregnant and recently released from incarceration, we also have an Expectant Women Case Manager who works directly with women in these situations.

Come see us at the REAL LIFE Community Center at 406 E Main Street, Richmond! All services are provided to clients free of charge.

Why a Center?
Nationwide, there are 23 million people in recovery from their addiction to drugs and/or alcohol and 21 million people actively in their addiction.  In 2016 alone, there were 13,219 people who died from a heroin overdose – a 630% increase since 2002. This does not account for 1/3 of all traffic deaths (equaling over 10,000) annually being a result of drunk driving. Or, the number of overdose deaths from other drugs.

In Richmond, the drug epidemic and number of those who battle substance use disorders is high. At a time where murder and other crime is significantly increasing in our city, and when 78% of our local jail population battles addiction, it is evident more needs to be done.

As a response, together with the Wheless Family Stewardship Fund and other community partners, the REAL Life Community Center (RLCC) will utilize services that are effective, professionally recognized, and duplicable in a cost effective manner.

Our primary objective of the RLCC is to attract and serve individuals with a desire to overcome their substance use disorder (addiction) or sustain their sobriety, in order to help equip them to achieve a thriving life.  The unique attribute of the Community Center is providing clients with a path to thriving, not just recovery.  It is the idea of recovering to something greater than what was lost.

Individuals who desire a catalyst for overcoming addiction and sustaining sobriety, leading to a pathway to a thriving future are welcome to the Center during hours of operation. Clients meet with their assigned case manager in order to develop a holistic planned designed specifically for them, which walk them step by step to a thriving life.